How a Trusted Advisor Can Use Social Media

One area the sales professional, sales expert, sales guru or a trusted advisor sometimes overlooks, is social media.  Is this something for you in your sales profession?  Absolutely YES!

One area you can start developing is a blog.  Now I am sure your employer has a blog and has someone who does the blogging for them.

But what if you are a sales professional and you represent various companies.  Now, you can easily setup your blog about you and your business and start developing a that trusted advisor relationship using social media.

Many people are under the impression that social media is about sites like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, but it’s all about those sites.  It’s about developing your expertise in your niche market, becoming a trusted advisor.  Blogging is about investing in your future.  Blogging will:

  • Establish your credibility
  • Generate leads

The one thing about blogging is you can blog at almost any time.  Say when? Well, you could use a recording device and as you are driving to your next customer’s office. And there’s your blog, just waiting for you to post it.  You might want to invest in a voice to text type of recorder.

Social media isn’t going away.  It’s being used more and more every day. Those who have been investing their time into social media claim they are getting great results building their networks and credibility.

As your career is developing you know the importance of becoming the trusted advisor to your clients. You can do this in person and using social media tools out there.

Social media results take time, just like it has taken time to develop that trusted advisor relationship with your client.


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