Offer Your Expertise and Guidance

Can you offer the skills of a trusted advisor? Why?

It’s a never ending battle each and every day for businesses as they face different situations that present challenges and issues.  The key executives and decision makers rely on the guidance and recommendations of others to help solve problems and challenges.  We call this a trusted advisor.

They look for people who they can count on and trust, who are positive and can think outside the box with the challenges they face.

These decision makers are not looking for the quota salesperson, they are looking for a consultative sales professional or a Trusted Advisor.

What I have discovered during Quid Pro Quo Sales Training is very few sales professionals feel they have the authority to set the rules for relationships with potential prospects.  When they feel this way, they become steroptyped as a “quota” sales person and they are not considerd by their client as a any type of consultant or trusted advisor.

You need to change how your client or prospect perceives you and it’s up to YOU to set the guidelines of a give-and-take relationship with your clients.  Hold on to this thought: To take on a consultative selling approach you are trying to help solve issues and challenges — not merely trying to sell your product or service.

Each prospect or client has unique challenges, so you cannot do the same thing for each of them.  Instead, to truly be their “trusted advisor” you need to think positively, think outside the box.
Start right now and free yourself of being identified as a quota salesperson. Develop your give and take relationship and become a Trusted Advisor to all your clients and prospects.

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