A Trusted Advisor Needs a Mentoring Relationship Too

As a trusted advisor you develop a mentoring relationship with your client.  Do you realize that you should have one too?

People who augment each other’s lives and help others flourish and prosper are true potential leaders. They are called “mentors,” and they often are more available and eager to help than you might realize.

As a trusted advisor you should seek one out if you don’t have someone you can rely on as your advisor.

A positive mentoring relationship occurs when one person asks another for help, gets this help, and accepts it.   This type of mentoring relationship is healthy and should be encouraged.

After all, as a trusted advisor you are offering help to your clients and your clients are accepting it.

Here is a simple checklist you can use to choose a potential leader or mentor you might associate yourself with.

  1. Do I trust them by their actions?
  2. Would I like to be perceived (by my actions) in the same way they are perceived?
  3. Do they have traits and skills I can learn from?
  4. Do I like their manners and the way they treat other people?
  5. Do people respect this person for all the right reasons?

If you answered no to any of these questions, this is probably not your best option for a leadership role model. You can apply the same questionnaire to the people you currently have in your circle of influence. The same is true for them as well. If you answered no to just one of these questions, you might want to evaluate the nature of your relationship.

There are millions of worthwhile people in the world that you can benefit from. Be critical in your selection process. Choosing the right people to associate with is critical to your future health, spiritual well-being, and prosperity.

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