Trusted Advisor Bob Beck Talks About Relationships

For any business relationship to develop, it is built on trust and confidence.  That is why many sales professionals have earned the title trusted advisor in their career.  They become the CEO’s trusted advisor, because the CEO has assurance that what they are being told is reliable, honest and trustworthy.

But, if you think about it, trust has to be in all relationships, both personal and business for them to be successful and for the bond to happen.  As a trusted advisor, you become the leader.

Since CEO’s or decision-makers rely and trust you, they look to you to assist with recommendations and make them aware of all options available to them.  The value-add for them is they get a thorough understanding of what options are available to them.

As you go out on trusted advisor missions for a prospect or client learn to develop an understanding of your own intelligence and resources.  This is how you will make an impact for the business’s long-term competitiveness and develop your relationship with them..

Sales training can help you understand and put into to practice the role of a trusted advisor.  This training has incredible value over the long-term for developing relationships.


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