Challenge for Change

One method a trusted advisor uses is the consultative approach with their clients.  As you work with your clients, often times they are not moving forward or at the pace they would like.  Now, as their trusted advisor offer them a challenge to change.  Your clients know they should change, and the natural thought process clearly indicates that if what you are doing is not giving you the results, then something should be changed.

Sounds easy, right?  No.  Human nature doesn’t like change, it likes comfort, it likes the same old routine. And if you continue to do the same thing over and over again and believe something different is going to happen, and it doesn’t, ask yourself why?  I bet you got the answer, maybe I should’ve tried, “this, this, or that.”  There was no change. Change can only come as a result of hard work, commitment and dedication.

And the same holds true for you as you develop your career as a trusted advisor.  You’ve got to keep moving forward. And don’t stop, keep moving forward. You will be surprised with the approach of moving forward, just how far you can go.  Don’t fall into thinking that someone owes you something.  Don’t take that approach.  A trusted advisor knows that showing up everyday is not good enough; following the crowd will not take them to the top of the heap.  Don’t slow down your growth as a trusted advisor.  Keep moving forward and move those obstacle out of your way.

Maximize your abilities — If you’re not maximizing, then challenge yourself to change your situation.


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