If It Were Easy Anyone Could Be A Trusted Advisor

Have you heard it said, “It isn’t going to be easy.” If it were easy, everyone would be a trusted advisor.

All situations and opportunities present challenges; that’s just part of life. Thinking positively to handle these challenges is what separates the exceptional person from the average one. You have to be willing to venture out positively and pave your own path for the pursuits you seek in becoming a trusted advisor.

If everyone did the same thing, everyone would be a trusted advisor.

You can elevate your thinking to extend what you think you are capable of.  Ask yourself: What areas of your life can you give yourself a push in the right direction just by thinking positively–even if at this moment you’re not 100 percent sure you can actually get there? Go ahead. It’s a good exercise, even though it may be hard.

“Hard,” by the way, is a relative term. What is hard to one person might not be hard to another. How each person evaluates the degree of difficultly is different. Sometimes things appear harder, and the obstacles are larger than they really are. It’s like your mind has one of those mirrors on a car that says, things may appear larger in this mirror than they really are.

Whitney Houston sings a line in one of her songs that says, “Free your mind and the rest will follow.” Free your mind of negative thoughts and the negative passengers on your bus. Make a vigilant effort, and everything else will fall into place.

It might not happen overnight or even in the time frame you’d like, but stick with it and it will happen.  You can become a trusted advisor.


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